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Welcome to my breeding station where the Pomeranians have been bred since the year 1989. This year I imported the first dam Allesa de la Colline Rouge in red colour and an older female dog  Ricarda Piccolinis from  my friend Angeliky Kamm , a breeder in BDR  (regrettably she isn’t in our midst any more) who with  her advice intimated me into breeding this lovely Pomeranian race which is more or less unknown in this country. I did the first foreign service at Mrs. Kamm with a dog imported from Canada, Emadalem Home Pride. Two puppies - Flip and Fanny in red colour were born. Other imported dog was Erold de la Colline Rouge, in typical wolfish greyness and Ivanhoe vom Ahneparkin orange sable colour with nice typical  Pomeranian´s head,  ideal soft  thick underhair , with an excellent character belonging to this race and with predecessors in  USA. This dog really differed from German spitz-dogs and despite that he won in Germany the title of European winner.   At our exhibitions in the nineties he wasn’t valued because of his diverse signs. This dog was so genetically strong that he transferred his advantages also to the average female dogs. 

From the Slovakia I imported Barbara Blue Asyr from Miro Lamoš, the breeder who imported a pair of lovely Pomeranians from Soffies breeding station.This dog is offspring of that parents. I acquired other stallion dog  in exchange from Mr. Cernohorský ; this was a nice creamy Pomeranian Na Zyczenie Kontrapunkt and the youngest  stallion dog  in the orange colour Quima Lion home, a son of Canadian and Finish champion Foxworth Front Runner called  ,, Bailey ,,.These dogs and female-dogs are the  founders and continuators of my breed  and raising. I shall be happy to introduce them to you in my small photo gallery.

My breed is focused first of all on the goodliness (I emphasize nice heads ), the  typical fell,  Pomeranian´s character and health. Because the Pomeranians breed at the renowned breeding stations in USA and the West Europe is one step further, I imported from Soffies  breeding station a dog SOFFIES  SNOOP DOG, son of the winner at  Cruft exhibition  2006 FINCHS OVATIONS FOR ME, called NO NAME. From the well known  Jan-Shar Kennel, USA, I imported orange male JS ONE MAN SHOW, orange female JS COME FLY WITH ME "GOLD" and black/tan female JS MAKE MINE MINK "SHUGAR". From  the kennel CHAR'S  USA   I imported orange male WALLY and female  in the cream color name MOLLY and from the  kennel BI-MAR sweet female SWEETIE. They have strong skeleton typical for selectively breeded pomeranians of the USA standard.

Breeding is one of the most interesting, exciting but at the same time the most bitter hobbies. You work with living beings and you never know in advance if the copulation will be successful.  Then at least one year you wait to find out whether your bred “ dream” in the adulthood has everything in a good order. You are the most happy when your breed  corresponds with  your “ dreams”  (foreign top breeds)and at the exhibition presentations it is well valued not only by the jury  (here it is hesitative,  because thanks to one standard you never know whether the jury tends to the traditional by shearing untrimmed German spitz-dog or to the trimmed  compact Pomeranian), but first of all by the viewers because they are decisive for me. Among the viewers there might be the future admirer of this lovely race who will be interested in a puppy. And this is the predominant motivation of every good breeder.  Breeding is a rule demanding both time and finances. But it is worthwhile because if the Pomeranian  looks as he has to look  then he belongs to the most beautiful dogs in the world. I profess my lifetime love to this race. Breeding belongs to never ending „ work of art “ and I will spare no effort to achieve the picture of my dreams .

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Hana Brzobohatá
294 02 Knezmost, Zantov 29
Czech Republic
tel.: +420 731 518 046
tel.: +420 603 503 307

e-mail : brzobohatahana@gmail.com



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