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Pomeranians / Poms are  addictive they are like potato chips
you can´t  just have one.


It´s very difficult for to obtain a higher title at a dog show here in the Czech Republic with a trimmed pomeranian. That is why we are forced to go to dog shows abroad where trimming is a must.
We hope that this will be overcome and we shall soon join Europe in
this sense also at our dog shows.

I would like once again to thank all the leading representatives of the American Pomeranian Club / American Pomeranian Club (APC), who allowed me to enter the prestigious all-American Pomeranian Club, personaly to the breeder Mrs. Sharon Hanson and her handler and the translator Mrs. M. Vnenková. I was accepted as an equal Pomeranian breeder and propagator of the pure breed of this beautiful breed in Europe. I was asked to write an article to the prestigious American magazine The Pomeranian Review about my opinions regarding the breeding and rearing Pomeranian in Europe.  And I wrote it. And my dreams came true.. I am happy. Thank you. 

News 2020

  • Sent Christmas photos of our pomeranians from their owners

    Zack Anny Pom Toy
    8 years
      Chars Willy
    12 years

News 2020

  • Dogs from our breeding

News 2019

  • IDS Ceské Budejovice  - Cedrik Pom Toy  BIS 3 (Junior handler 9-13 let)

  • Interdog Bohemia CACIB Mlada Boleslav,  Czech Republic 

    Thank you Larisa Vasiliva for beautiful and nice Sunny Pom Ultra Black. 

  • Slovak speciality club show& Epeiros show 2019

    Sunny Pom Ultra Black
    - jCAC(1/5), Epeiros winner 2019, BOS
    Thank you so much for excellent and profesional judging Mis. Andrea Jurcan from Serbia
    I`m very happy!!!
    Owner Brzobohata Hana Breeder Larisa Vasileva

News 2018

  • Brownie Pom Toy z Malebneho povltavi received on 16.9.2018 titles: Bulgarian champion, Grandchampion and Balkan champion. 5.10.2018 He became also Greek champion.

    Thanks to the owner Nikolaj Dinko for perfect preparation and also to the handler Katerina Mareckova for great presentation.

  • Dobrý den paní Brzobohatá, vcera byla Natinka poprvé u kaderníka, tak posíláme fotku, vyrostla a je úžasná. Umí už 5 povelu, poslouchá, doma jsme zrušili podložky a chodí poctive ven curat, holcicka šikovná. Doporucuji Vás, kde to jde, všichni nám Natinku závidí :-) mejte se a krásný den.

    Natie Pom Toy v salone Dandify Plzen - doporucuji

  • Milano Enci Winner 17.06.2018   Italy
    Raduno SPITZ
    owner :   Claudia Russo
    Quatro Pom Toy alias  " KING " z Malebneho povltavi - BOB VETERAN

News 2017

  • "Ciao Hana,

    yes everything is ok, Henny she is good , she is beautiful and sweetest. Here attached picture of my lovely Henny."

  • Eurodogshow Kortrijk - Belgium 2016
    Owner : Evelyn Storms

    Chantal Pom Toy z Malebného povltaví
    -  3de plaats!

  • World Dog Show Lipsko 2017  RESULTS - here  
    Breed Pomeranian

    Best of Breed
    Moonlight's The Ultimate Warrior
    owner Chupakcharoen Rungtiwa, Thailand
    Tiny Fellow's U
    Got The Look Jung
    AM CH Dan-Star-Kom
    Legend Lion Heart
    Moonlight's The
    Ultimate Warrior
    BOB, CAC,
    Baikal Impetuosity
    Of Snow Touch
    Very promising 1

  • World Dog Show Leipzig
    GCh. Mellie Pom Toy z Malebného povltaví
    EXCELLENT 3/ 9

    Thanks a lot to Nikol Gärtnerova for wonderful presentation of female Mellie Pom Toy on World dog show in Leipzig, where she was placed on great 3rd place in champion class in very strong competition.

  • Baddy Pom Toy  alias Badas von Samotišky (10 months old).

  • Greetings from Tiffany and her owner :
    Liebe Hana, ich weiß, normalerweise bekommst du Bilder deiner Lieben mit Pokalen von gewonnen Ausstellungen. Tiffany und ihre Bodyguards - samt ihrer Herrchen und Frauchen - haben beim Wandertag den ersten Platz als größte Gruppe gemacht. Die kleine Prinzessin ist superfit und hält locker mit ihren Freunden mit. Anbei noch ein paar Schnappschüsse unserer Prinzessin. Hoffe, euch geht es gut? Wir schicken ganz liebe Grüße Tina und Tiffany

  • National show Brno 23. - 24.9. 2017

    Two amazing winners of HONOR class
    Constantine Salusana res. BEST IN SHOW   
    Congrats !!!
    Mellie Pom Toy z Malebného povltaví    Best in Show  !!! 

    Dear Nikolka, you are just making us happy. You both shine with happiness, you and Mellinka !!! You are the best !!!

  • We are very proud of our pomeranians. Larry represent us even in abroad .

    Thanks a lot to the owners Mrs. Lenka and Jarosovi.

    Didi Pom Toy alias Baby, 5 years Larry Pom Toy - Polish champion
    Iany Pom Toy

  • 29.7.2017 10th JUBILEE REGIONAL SHOW  Brno - Zebetin

    CH GCH Mellie Pom Toy z Malebného povltaví  -
    Regional winner, Best In Group!!! (from judge Lenky Frncova) and BEST IN SHOW!!! (from judge Miroslav Vaclavik).

    For Nikolka, mother of Nikolka and Mellinka.

  • 23.7.2017 International dog show Czestochowa (judge Lenka Frncova)

    CH GCH Mellie Pom Toy z Malebného povltaví 
    - CWC, Best female, BEST OF BREED !!!

    Only for you - Nikolka and Mellinka!!!

  • Hallo ihr Lieben, wir hoffen, euch geht es gut und unser Sonnenschein Tiffany und wir wünschen euch einen wunderbaren Sonntag. Hier wieder ein paar Schnappschüsse von unserer Prinzessin. Da sie viel mit ihren großen Bodyguards unterwegs ist, machen wir schon 8 - 10 km Wanderungen. Tiffany ist topfit und du hattest damals recht, als du mir sagtest: sie wird klein bleiben. Prinzessin ist 18 cm hoch und 1,4 kg schwer .... und die Liebe meines Lebens. Sie ist so brav, liebt alle Kinder, gehorcht auf's Wort und liebt es neue Tricks zu lernen. .... und sie ist ein perfektes Fotomodel. M VIELEN LIEBEN DANK für unsere Prinzessin . Ganz liebe Grüße Tina & Tiffany .

  • 44. Beskidska show in Wisla (judge: Katarzyna Dziuba (PL))
    CH GCH Mellie Pom Toy z Malebného povltaví - CWC, Best female, Best Of Breed, Best In Group!!!

    Congratulations Nikolka !!!

    LARRY POM TOY z Malebneho povltavi - CWC  New polish Champion

  • Quina Pom Toy z Malebneho povltavi  obtained on IHA   Wieselburg 20.05. 2017, Exc.1, CACA, BOB (rozhodcí  pan Darko Korosec).

    Congratulations to the owners.

  • The owner of female PATTY Pom Toy alias Tiffany sent me very beautiful photos. Isn´t she beautiful?

  • International show Litomerice V group  21.05.2017, judge Lenka Frncova
    Calwin Pom Toy 4,5 months Very promising 1
    Sunny Pom Riana Choco, 
    17 months CAJC and BOJ

    Thanks a lot to the judge for lovely judging.

    We go to the ring Calwin in the ring Calwin on first show
    Calwi, me and Mrs.
    judge - Calwin
    Sunny Pom Toy alias Choco
    on first international show CAJC
    Renatka with female BOB
    and Choco BOJ

  • Cream female ZAZZY POM TOY  alias LARY z Malebneho Povltavi - 6 months old - gained other titles
    7.5 DUO CACIB Lucenec - very promising 1 - medal
    14.5 National show Salgotarjan Hungary -
    BIS Baby 1st place, she received nice cup
    Congratulations to Mrs. Heriett and Mr. Pavel and thanks a lot for presentation of Laruska !!!!

  • Husbands Zorka and Mira Hejdovi from TV NOVA with their darling Barney

  • Speciality show Zbraslav CZ 13.5.2017 - beautiful moment!
    Two best pomeranians from 60 entry!!
    Best male and winner of Speciality show, BOS - BJ HOUSE TOUR BILLION "Billy" (import Indonesia, own. Ingrid Dedkova, handler Denisa Dedkova) and
    Best female Winner of Speciality
    Show BOB - GCH CH  KCH  Mellie Pom Toy z Malebného Povltaví (breed. Brzobohata Hana, ow. Nikola Gärtnerová)
    Congratulations !!!

  • National Dog Show Rybnik, Poland,  on 7.5.2017
    CH GCH Mellie Pom Toy z Malebneho povltavi
    (CH Pomstyle Cupid Playful  Boy x  Bi-Mar's Sweetie)
    CWC, Best Adult Female, BOB, BIG, BEST IN SHOW 4 !!!
    Mellie Pom Toy is the new CHAMPION OF POLAND !!!

    Congratulations Nikolka !!!

  • Nikolka Gürtnerová, the owner of Mellie Pom Toy z Malebného povltaví wrote:

    At the end of October last year, me and Melinka started working on shows. It's my little treasure and I'm still surprised! I never knew what the Club Champion is, and so after all these shows I find out and Mellie has 859 points (the Club Champion needs 400)!

    It's really a beautiful feeling to have a partner like her and I wish this experience to all good breeders at least once in a lifetime! Thank all friends who are with me!

    CH GCH Mellie Pom Toy z Malebného povltaví
    (Ch.Pomstyle Cupidon Playful Boy/Bi-Mar's Sweetie)
    owner : Nikola Gürtnerová, breeder: Brzobohata Hana

    In just half a year, Mellie won these titles and championships:
    14 shows............
    14 x excellent
    11 x CAC
    National Winner
    2 x res.CACIB
    7 x CACIB

    SLOVAKIA GRAND CHAMPION - completed for 14 days!

  • International dog show Ceske Budejovice 23.4. 2017 female QUINA Pom Toy z Malebneho povltavi  - Exc. 1,CAC,CACIB,BOB, 4BIG , the judge Lea Jonasová CZ

    Congratulations !!!!

  • National show Ostrava, 9.4.2017
    Mellie Pom Toy z Malebneho povltavi (Ch.Pomstyle Cupidon Playful Boy x Bi-Mar's Sweetie), judge ing.Jaroslav Matyas, got CAC, National winner, BOB, BIG!!!

    Nikolka, again congratulations a lot !!!

  • DUO CACIB Bratislava (1.04. - 2.4.  2017)
    1.4.2017 Mellie Pom Toy z Malebného povltaví, judge Mr. Simon Oliver (CRO), CAC,  CACIB,  BOS  and 2.4.2017 judge Mr.  Jipping Gerard   (NL) CAC,  CACIB,  BOS
    During only 14 days She fulfiled all conditions for the title Grandchampion of Slovakia.

    Nicolka, again congratulations a lot !!!

  • SPECIAL SPITZ SHOW - Nedanovce  Slovakia (18.03.2017), the judge Mrs. Volarikova Linda, SK  - Versac Pom Toy z Malebneho povltavi in young class Exc.1,CAJC   

    Congratulations a lot to the owners and thanks for presentation.

  • Zazzy Pom Toy alias "Laura"  z Malebneho povltavi, at the age of 5 months got on DUO CACIB  Bratislava valuation Very promising 1,
    the judge Mr. Gerard Jipping, NL
    Congratulations a lot to the owners of Laura and thanks for presentation.

  • Basket full of color lucky - we go out where is sunny weather.

  • Raff Pom Toy is happy in his new home .

  • CACIB Dog Show Graz 2017 (Austria ) 4.- 5.3.  2017
    The judge Dr Ferdinando Asnaghi  from Italy
    CH Quina Pom Toy z Malebného Povltaví - Exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB

    Thanks a lot for presentation of our breeding.

  • 18.3.2017 Special show KCHS Nedanovce
    Judge: Linda Volarikova
    Mellie Pom Toy z Malebného Povltaví - CAC BOS

  • 17.3.2017 International dog show Katowice
    Judge: Anna Beatriz Knoll
    Mellie Pom Toy z Malebného Povltaví - CWC, CACIB, BOB , BIG 2
    Group Judge : Maria Ceccarelli (Italy )

    Nicolka, congratulations a lot !!!

  • Lenny Pom Toy - our beatiful puppy

    A also photo from beautiful and dear owner of Zollinka Pom Toy   

  • Mellie Pom Toy z Malebného povltaví - was confirmed that Mellie is beautiful.
    Thanks a lot to the owner Nikol Gürtnerova for wonderful presentation of female from our breeding. And we send her big kiss !!! :-)

    14.1. 2017 She became Slovak champion of beauty !!!

    New year show 14.1.2017 judge: ing. Leos Jancik V1  CAC  CACIB  Best of Breed, judge FCI group V: Jaroslav Matyas, BIS judge: ing. Leoš Jancik  !!! Best In Show !!!
    Winter Show 15.1.2017 judge: Sergej Vanzha (SK) V1  CAC  CACIB  BOS
    In Sunday show Supreme best in show, which judges Mr. Jaroslav Matyas Mellie Pom Toy got incredible title - SHE BECAME BEST IN SHOW DOG !!! -video here

News 2016

  • International dog shows Nitradog  3.12. a 4.12.2016

    3.12.2016 (28 pomeranians)
    Mellie Pom Toy z Malebného povltaví (Pomstyle Cupidon Playful Boy/Bi-Mar's Sweetie)
    Judge: Hidajat Zakaira (Indonesia)
    ex. 1/3 CAC CACIB BOB

    (24 pomeranians)
    Mellie Pom Toy z Malebného povltaví (Pomstyle Cupidon Playful Boy/Bi-Mar's Sweetie)
    Judge: Klucniece Vija (Latvia)
    ex.1/2 CAC CACIB BOB a BIG!!!!!

    Congratulations a lot to the owner of Mellie - Nikola Gürtnerová.

  • Liebe Hana,
    Tedd Pom Toy  ist gestern 1 Jahr alt geworden. Er ist wunderschön und gesund!:-)


  • Europian Dog Show Belgium, Kortrijk  C.A.C. , C.A.C.I.B  19.11.2016, female Chantal Pom Toy  aka "LUNA",   won 3rd place in the Open Class female

breeder : Hana Brzobohata, owner : Evelyn Storms
Evelyn very congratulations !!!

  • 1. Svatomartinska show Mlada Boleslav

    Raff Pom Toy - class winner (judge M. Maruskova)
    Latter in final competition - BEST YOUNG MALE OF ALL SHOW (judge O. Vondrous). Thanks a lot.

    owner :Marek Jaros

    LARRY POM TOY z Malebneho povltavi - CWC/CAC, Res. CACIB

  • Versi Pom Toy on his first show - very promising 1

  • Richie Pom Toy (Tadeasek)

  • Liebe Hana,
    Teddy geht es sehr gut und er ist zu einen wunderschöne rüde gewachsen. Er hat tolle Haare und perfekte Zähne,seiner Größe und Gewicht ist auch den idealen entsprechend. Er ist sehr brav und unproblematisch eine richtige Familien Mitglied und die perfekte Begleiter für mein Leben.  Ich schreibe Ihnen diesmal weil Teddy in zwei Monaten ein Jahr alt wird und ich würde gerne ihm Paaren lassen. Ich dachte ich schreibe erst für sie ob sie für uns eine passende Pomeranian Dame haben? Ich würde (wie üblich) nur eine Welpen von den Wurf haben wollen.Die restliche Babys würde ich natürlich Ihnen überlassen aufs Verkauf oder für Ihre Züchtung. Meine Mutter möchte nämlich auch ein kleine Teddy für sich. Sie ist schon längst im Pension und viel alleine weil mein Papa ist noch zu Arbeit geht. Ich würde gerne diese wünsch meine Mutter erfühlen und hoffe sie können mir dabei behilflich sein.
    Ich bedanke mich schon mal für Ihre Antwort und wünsche Ihnen alles alles gute!
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen: Sŕndor  (Teddy Pom Toy)

Tedd Pom Toy  4,5 months Tedd Pom Toy  12 months

  • Regional show for all breeds Na Dzbane,1.10.2016,  first show for Raff Pom Toy (10 months old) and Sunny Pom Toy called Chocolate (9 months old).

    Raff  Pom Toy - class winner and in final RES. BIS JUNIOR (2nd best young dog of show), judge Mr. Vaclavik

    Sunny Pom - exc.2 (she was in the class with beautiful female, already Juniorchampion - 18 months old)

    Nikolka + Raff Pom Toy Sunny Pom Toy  

  • We received new photos from the owners:

    Virgin Pom Toy 4,5 months Paul Pom Toy  7 months Versac Pom Toy 4,5 months Otto Pom Toy  2,5 year

  • Jan Sha´s Yassi Pom Toy    x Trudy´s Spirit of the Northern Sky at Elusive
    Patella 0/0, 20 cm     

  • Patty Pom Toy alias "Tiffany (8 months) - more photos here

  • IANY POM TOY z Malebného povltaví. - 3,5 years
    Owner : Marek Jaros   Breeder : Brzobohatá Hana
    sir: Soffies Snoop Dog / Finch's Ovations For Me
    dam: Jan-Shars Pom Toy Yarra / Jan-Shars Norman Rockwell
    Show results:
    Zakopane (international) -  Exc.1, Young winner, 1st place in BIG juniors
    Warszawa (national) - Exc.1, Young winner, 1st place in BIG juniors
    Warszawa (club) - Exc.1, Young winner, Junior club winner
    IANY at the age of 10 months became JUNIORCHAMPION OF POLAND
    Národní výstava Czestochowa'2013 - CWC/CAC, BOS, BOB

  • Patty Pom Toy z Malebného povltaví  - 6 months old

  • New mating
    Mag Hanter Marquise Melody alias/aka  "Mellie"   x Ch. Trudy´s  Spirit of the Nortem Sky at Elusive alias/aka  "Storm" 

  • NDS Szczecin 25.06.2016
    Larry Pom Toy z Malebneho povltavi, owner Marek Jaros Polsko, breeder Hana Brzobohata
    Larry earned this award

    Much congratulations Marek

  • Versac Pom Toy in new home.

  • Virgin Pom Toy in new home.

  • We drove with a female name Anny Pom Toy  for mating with male Storm.

puppy of Storm Storm in my arms Storm and Anny Pom Toy Puppies of Storm

  • Another happy owner of the Pomeranian from our breeding. 

Bonjour Hana,

Voici quelques photos de Quendy.
Il va trčs bien.
Il est adorable.
Il est plein de douceur et de sensibilité.
Il est obéissant.
Il ne dit rien pour le bain et le sčchage.
Il déteste ętre brosser.
Il a 6 mois 1/2 et pčse 1kg450.
Il mesure 18,5 cm au garrot.
J'espčre que vous allez bien et tous vos chiens aussi.
Un grand merci pour Quendy.


  • Quido Pom Toy 3 years

  • Kristina Embacher Photography female : Patty Pom Toy alias Tiffany


  • Olly Pom Toy " Leo" 4 months old

  • Pomeranians from us

Ch. Iany Pom Toy z
Malebneho povltavi
Didi Pom Toy z
Malebneho povltavi
Intch. Quido Pom Toy z
Malebneho povltavi
Intch. Quatro Pom Toy z Malebneho povltavi Intch. Parker Pom Toy

  • 10th January 2016  on Hanacka national show Female from my breeding QUINA Pom Toy z Malebneho povltavi  (owner Mrs. Vlckova) got CAC, National winner and BEST OF BREED from the jugde Mrs. Jonasova and fulfiled conditions for the title Czech champion.

News 2015

  • Female from my breeding QUINA Pom Toy z Malebného povltaví  (owner M.Vlckova) got on International show Wels Austria (6.12.2015) from judge Mrs. Jilkova CACA and Res. CACIB  (in competition of 4 females)

  • IHA  TULLN Austria
    Female Quina Pom Toy  z Malebného povltaví  - CAC, CACIB, BOB.

  • World dog show Milano 2015, Group 5 video here
    Results here - Zwergspitz (Pomeranian)

Breeder :   Lyudmila Komyakova
Dan-Star-Kom Sweet Soul Kiss
1st place
  Lyudmila Komyakova


  • Our breeding,  male  Cedrik Pom Toy  got on the show the judge Mr. M. Václavík   V1,CAC, CAC CMKU, NV, BOB.
    Owner Mrs. Schmidt congratulations and thank you

  • Multi Bis/Biss Multi Ch. Quatro Pom Toy "King"
    Int. Dog Show Cesena.(I) 09.11.2014. -  BOB and BOG end Reserver BEST IN SHOW
    Thanks to Judges: Drudi F. (I) - Alessandri Alfredo (I)

  • Pomeranian Quido Pom Toy z Malebného povltaví, called "Zefír". Junior Champion of Russia! Always only the number 1 at the show! Always BOB! Always BIG! Always BIS! Very modern type, not a large, 20 cm, has a beautiful, typical head, ideal anatomy, excellent coat, correct, beautiful movement and great temperament show! Cream! Kind, obedient, cheerful, charismatic kid became a full member of our family! Lines best nurseries America and Canada - Jan-Shars and Finch Pomeranians! Inbred III -III on Pufpride Sweet Dreams (Parker)!

  • European Dog Show Brno 23.-26.10.2014 Czech Republic
    - here   
    Pomeranian  breed
    Name Calleto Winningmood 2000 Volts - Group 1
    Owner:  Ale Figliolia Italy, breeder: Martin Wilczek from Poland, kennel Calleto

        jako štene

  • INNSBRUCK DOUBLE INTERNATIONAL ,23-24 August 2014 Austria - BIS WINNER - Saturday  judge - Mrs. Annukka Paloheimo, Finland
    DAN STAR KOM DOLCE JUNGLE ALLERT MANNER - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG and BIS!!!! (breeding of Mrs. Komyakovova)
    SALSAPOM ANGEL KISS MY DOMINICA - J.CAC, BOS (breeding of Mrs. Kuznetsova)
    COngratulations a lot to Mrs. Kuznetsova.

  • 16.8. and 18.8. The puppies were born, litters X and Y. More here. All puppies are reserved.

  • FCI WDS 2014  Helsinky Finsko 8.-10.8.2014
    Exhibition was attended by a whopping 166 Pomeranian !!!

    Opening ceremony & Group Finals   Friday 9.8.2014

    Judge from breed Pomeranian :  Carroll Sean
    BOB male/ pes   Callevys Empire (Nilsson Mikael, Sjöbo)
    BOS female/fena  Hobby Maryden Tamerlana (Denisova Marina, Kalngale)
    CACIB male/pes, MV-14    Callevys Empire (Nilsson Mikael, Sjöbo)
    CACIB female/fenaMV-14    Hobby Maryden Tamerlana (Denisova Marina, Kalngale)
    BOB veteran, MVV-14    Noble Art Do's And Don't (Spillman Ĺkerlund Elisabeth, Västerĺs)
    BOS veteran, MVV-14    Star-Ginter Anizabetti (Prikhodkina Ludmila, Chelyabinsk)
    male/pes JMV-14    Thai Silk Little Lion Man (Galimova Tatiyana, Kazan)
    female/fena JMV-14    Salsapom Angel Kiss My Dominica (Kuznecova Evgenija, Moskva)
    BOB puppy    Izumrudny Svet Nice Wish Master (Beznosova Elena, Rusko)
    BOS puppy    Baby-Doll's Glory Of Eden (Paajanen Päivi, Lempäälä)
    BOB breeder/skupina     Pipperoo (Lager Mirja, Kirkkonummi)
    BOB brace/páry    Fon's Flying Prince To Thai Silk/Thai Silk Zone Of Perfection (Mironenko Svetlana, Lutkarino)
    WDS Callevys Empire Hobby Maryden Tamerlana
    Ch Am Can Grand Sunterra Starstruck
    BOB Ch Sunterra couple
    veteran 9 years old

  • National Dog Show Veszprem Hering Hungary  3.August 2014,
    Judge : Tesicz Gyordy,
    Male  Cedric Pom Toy   received  V1, CAC, BOB, was selected in the narrow selection V. groups.

  • On 6.29 Cedrik Pom Toy  some exercise, 3rd place in agility. Congratulations Mrs Vera Schmidt  !!!

  • On June 27, 2014 We arrived to a beautiful and gentle girl Lori Life Cicilia.

    Father is a beautiful dog with a baby face :  CH. AC Dynasty Bringer Of Light .

    Mother is a beautiful orange girl: CH. Thai Silk Tender Touch of Sunshine

  • On June 18, 2014 came to us from Canada , kennel Jenuwane, new beautiful black female Pomeranian with brown genes. Father is a beautiful black pomeranian (see the picture) Pruden N Jenuwane Fade To Black. Thank you for a beautiful female puppy  and a lovely girl.

    Jenuwane  Blackie   Pruden N Jenuwane
    Fade To Black

  • 08.06.2014 at the National Dog Show
    Quido Pom Toy "ZEFIR"won the  CACJ, BOJ, BOB, BIG 3
    Thanks Catherine Kononova handler kennel for a professional grooming and showing in the ring!
    Thank you to the owner Anzhelika  Mikhejeva   for a perfect presentation of my breeding !!!

  • 30.5. 2014 National show Senec, the judge L.Frncova
    Male Cedrik Pom Toy  - Exc.1, CAC
    Owner :  V. Schmidtova  Breeder : H. Brzobohata

  • QUIDO POM TOY became in 11 months Juniorchampion of Russia. Owner Angelika Micheeva. Congratulations a lot !!!

  • Int.San Marino 24/05/2014
    Thanks to Judges : Oliveira Rui (P)

  • National show Bologna, Italy 05.05.2014
    breeder :  Hana Brzobohatá, owner : Claudia Russo
    Multi CH. Quatro Pom Toy "King" BOB a BOG 3 Best in Show

    IntShow Ferrara
    06.04.2014 Italy
    breeder :  Hana Brzobohatá, owner : Claudia Russo
    Multi CH. Quatro Pom Toy "King" BOB - 3 BOG
    Thanks to Judges. Larive Janette (F) For BOB - For BOG G.Dondi(I)
    Thanks you  and big congratulation Claudia

  • Lucky Pom Toy "Tedík" 6.4.2014  -  and his birthday

  • Cedric  Pom Toy  z Malebneho povltavi became at the age of 18 months Junior ch. Czech, Slovakia and Hungary TOP SPITZ 2013 of Slovakian Spitz Club

  • Parker Pom Toy  z Malebneho povltavi, owner Mr. Rajic from Slovenia, became very successful male. He got 13 × CAC, 3×R.CAC, 6 × CACIB, 2 × R.CACIB, 10 × BOB, 2 × BOG III,2 × BOG II a stal se CH SRB, CH MNE, GRAND CH MNE,CH BALKAN and INterchampion. Congratulations thanks to the owners for exemplary representation of the breed.

  • Thailand Multiple Best in Show Winner Danny Heats Up The USA in his First Show as a Special.

Show: Toy Dog Breeders of Southern California
Award: Specialty Toy Group First 
Date: January 2, 2014

Sire: Mythical To Heck With It
Dam: Star Haven Ohso's Story Of Glory
Handled By: Curtiss SmithCall Name: Danny Breed: Pomeranian
Owned By: Bonnie A. Bird & Udomsil Rittichaikul
Bred By: Joan Carasole & Ashley Carasole

Judge: Mr. Norman L. Patton

  • 2013 AKC / EUKANUBA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Orlando  14.  a 15. prosince/ Dezember/December 2013 - here

  • Internationale  Hundeausstellung  2x CACIB Wels 7.- 8. December 2013 -  here

Breed Pomeranian again starred on the show

Saturday ,    7th December 2013 
owner  :  Ale Figlioli
Best Puppy - 3rd place
Richter: Roberto Schill, RO

BIG  1st place -  Gruppensieger FCI Gr. 5
Richter: Theo Leenen, B

owner : Marcin Wilczek
BIS 1st place
Richter: Leif Herman Wilberg, N

8th December 2013 here
Gruppensieger FCI Gr. 5   -    1st place
Richter: Erwin Deutscher, A

Best in Show -  2nd place
Anatoli Zhuk, BLR

  • Thailand Dog Show | IMPACT Arena (27/30 June) - here

  • November 9 2013 at the national dog show in St. Petersburg our Sunny boy , Dan-Star-Com Dolce Jungle Alert Manner (Jungle) owner Lyudmila Komyakova - JCAC, BOB JUNIOR, BOB!! BIG -1, R.BIS JUNIOR, Rezerv Best In Show!!! I unrealistic happy!!!!! Thank you for the excellent and professional expertise : Kristine Vanickove, told the breeder Komyakovo.

  • DUO DANUBE  CACIB 26.-27.10.2013
    Mellie Pom Toy z Malebného povltaví- again successful
    Saturday: judge Wieremiejczyk-Wierchowska Malgorzata, Very promising 1
    Sunday: judge Frncová Lenka, Very promising 1
    the final competition/: rozhodcí/judge/Richter Fintorová Ludmila, got  shortlisted

     Damascusroad Fast and Furious "FURI" (own. Haviarová + Jursíková)
    -  1st day Excellent 1, CAC , 2nd day Excellent 1, CAC a CACIB    Congratulations.

    Jessie James Ancarado "JAMES"- both days  Excellent 1, CAJC, BOB
    (own: Nováková Šárka)

    Royal   poms Liberty Luisa  "LOLA" -  both days  Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
    (own: Nováková Šárka), Sarko, congratulations.

  • Czech Club Show Spitz  Mladá Boleslav 28.9.2013  and Slovak Club Show Spitz Nedanovce 19.10.2013
    Male Cedrik Pom Toy z Malebného povltaví, owner Vera Schmidtova, received in  Mlada  Boleslav the CAJC and BOJ and
    Nedanovce received CAC and won the Club Winner

  • National show ZABRZE Poland 13.10.2013  - Mellie Pom Toy was again successful. She got Exc.1, Best puppy of the breed !
    Nikolka, congratulations !!!

  • Club Show Mlada Boleslav 28th September 2013
    My new puppy girl Mag- Hanter Marques Melodie  was awarded Very promising 1, Best puppy 1
    Male  Soffies Snoop Dog  has won the veteran class - the Best Veteran
    In puppy class received  Elusive Special Edition - Very promising 1
    Male in the intermediatae class  recieved  CAC
    Granddaughter Nikolka in competition Child and dog won 1st place
    Best puppy
    Mag Hanter Mellie
    puppy class
    Elusive´s Special Edition
    a Jake Pom Toy
    Nikolka with Kuba CAC
    Child and dog - 1st place
    Best veteran

  • On October 6, 2013 is presented for the first  show Rybnik in Poland, in puppy class, female Mellie Toy Pom.Recieved Best Puppy 2

  • Female Toy Pom IANY z Malebneho Povltaví, which is only 10 months, has shown great success in Poland.
    Zakopane (International) - V1, Young winner, 1 place in the young group
    Warszawa (National) - V1, Young winner, 1 place in the young group
    Warszawa (club) - V1, Junior Winner, Junior Club Winner
    IANY aged 10 months won the title of Junior Champion of Poland
    Owner is Marek Jaros from Poland

  • Thai Pomeranian Club - here
    48th PDCT All Breed Dog Show
    49th PDCT All Breed Dog Show
    50th PDCT All Breed Dog Show
    51st PDCT All Breed Dog Show

  • 95th KCTH All Breed Dog Show - judged by Dr. Eugeny S. Kuplyauskas (Russia - Rusko) - here

  • On June 12, 2013 New cream-male   JACOB came from Florida USA to us. Thank You, breeder  Erica for the beautiful puppy  and thanks also to Mrs. Elena for transport to the Czech Republic.

  • 57th TDCTH All Breed Dog Show - judged by   Mr. Col. Ken Roy (Pakistan) - here

  • World dog show Budapest - video here

  • PomWorld - The global Pomeranian eMagazine - April 2013 -here

  • White pomeranians on korean shows
      Shampion of Korea - Tofu  
      Tony - Best puppy of show  

  • American Pomeranian Club Nationals 2013  video  - here
    Winner dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed

    Judge :   Jacqueline Stacy

  • Toy skupina Crufts 2013 here

Pomeranian - Results Crufts 2013  

IR CH BELLIVER UNEXPECTEDTARGET & GROUP 4th  -zde         http://crufts.fossedata.co.uk/Group.asp?ShowYear=2013&GroupID=TOY






  • Pomeranian -  judging Westminster 2013  -here 

  • Beauty


  • 91th KCTH All Breed Dog Show  FCI All Breed Dog Show 1/2013 - here
    92th KCTH All Breed Dog Show  FCI All Breed Dog Show 1/2013  - here

  • Many thanks to Tony and Fabian - Starfire's for what they create and present this beauty around the world !            

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