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Photogallery 3



Teddy Pom Toy Quina Pom Toy
Zerro Pom Toy in new home Kevin Pom Toy 3 years Didi Pom Toy 2,5 years
Cupid Pom Toy Agi Pom Toy Ulrik Pom Toy
Emily Pom Toy Xanta Pom Toy Xanta Pom Toy Zerro Pom Toy
Brady Pom Toy Agi Pom Toy Blackie Pom Toy
called Anylka
Quip Chia Li Ya Iany Pom Toy - 2 years Welcoming of visit
Maling and Jaky
Tobby Pom Toy in new home Ulrik Pom Toy in new home
Dear Mrs. Jana with Charlie Pom Toy
7,5 years old
Beautiful Mrs. Lia
with Brady Pom Toy
Spike Pom Toy
Ozzys Pom Toy Ozzys Pom Toy
called Teddy and
Fionka Pom Toy
Quido Pom Toy on show in Russia
He became already Juniorchampion
Gisell Pom Toy called Surinka Nikolka with Sophie Standly Pom Toy
Perry Pom Toy, 5 months Nick Pom Toy
7 months, cropped
Melli Pom Toy, 12 months
Quido Pom Toy "Vanek" Ketty Pom Toy Cedrik Pom Toy
Greetings from Olomouc Quatro Pom Toy Spike Pom Toy in pubertal
age, 6 months old
Quido Pom Toy 8 months old Teddy Lucky Pom Toy - Tedik
and his Birthday
Quatro Pom Toy Ozzy Pom Toy
with his owners
Spike Pom Toy - 4 months
Spike Pom Toy 3 months Surely we will pass through
breeding test successfully
Char´s Golden Texas Ranger
Parker Pom Toy Beograd
Char´s Golden Texas Ranger
called Teddy already in our house
Quido Pom Toy
6 months old
Quatro called
King Pom Toy
Elusive´s Special Edition
called Jake, 9 months
12 months old Kevin Pom Toy
with friend
Mellie Pom Toy
puppy age
On the left is Valy Pom Toy 
from our breeding
Windy Pom Toy received
winter clothes
Windy  Pom Toy got jeans 
Meggie Pom Toy Royal Poodle and Mellinka MELLIE Pom Toy is beautiful
Teddy with friend on the left male from kennel
Oranzova Kulicka and
on the right Nessy Pom Toy
Ozzy Pom Toy and the owner
Jaky , Pinky and Goldy Owner and 3 months old Pinky Meggie Pom Toy 3,5 months
Elusive´s Jaky Mag Hanter Mellie Quina sleeping
Miluska with Yolla  Pom Toy
called Zofinka
Lucinka with
Lucky Pom Toy
Lucky sleeping
in loving arms
Jacob Jacob loves water Beautiful Teddy + Skippy Pom Toy
in Swiss
Mrs Vera Schmidtova
with Cedrik
Successful Iany Pom Toy
in Poland
Sleeping Kristynka
with Lilli Pom Toy
Parker Pom Toy - Beograd
Iany Pom Toy         Ray Pom Toy,
IHA Koprivnica CAC
Lilli Pom Toy 5,5 weeks Gisell Pom Toy, called Surinka
- shopping
Gisell - Surinka
in style BOO
Didi Pom Toy   Brady Pom Toy
as czech BOO
OPIE Pom Toy
in Austria
Fionka Pom Toy Celine Pom Toy and
Pomstyle  Kubík
Jany Pom Toy
Andonara´s  Dream
and  Kubík
Brady Pom Toy Valy Pom Toy 2 years Fannynka with owner
in Greece
Sleeping owner
with Herry
Cupid Pom Toy Chicco Herry Pom Toy 3 months female IANY Pom Toy 3 months
Charlie Pom Toy as
BOO from Decin
BRADY "Domik" Pom Toy Brady "Domik" Pom Toy
with friend
Czech Boo Beylly Pom Toy Czech Boo
Beilly   Pom Toy  Domik  "Brady" Pom Toy
in restaurant
Vally Pom Toy
with owners
Sweetie BI-MAR Snoopy Goldie, Sweetie a Clear
(3 females)
  Jana and Chicky Ferda and Chicky
Beautiful Zetta Pom Toy Nikolka and her Windy Pom Toy Vanesa Pom Toy 12 months
Our pack Yassi Pom Toy 12 months Beautiful head of Anny Pom Toy
Yarry from behind and Yassy from the front Smiling Parker Best friends
Xara and JS Yolly Yarry Pom Toy in the garden JS Yolly  Pom Toy in the garden
Quatro "King" Pom Toy Xara Pom Toy 7 weeks Sweetie with favourite toy
Parker Pom Toy 16 months Stundly Pom Toy
11 months, in Sweden
Hanny Pom Toy
Chicky Baby a Minie Chicky
Minnie Baby Chicky, Parker and Minie
Quatro King guards boutique in Italy Skipy in Switzerland Quiny with a little owner
Kristynka and puppies Dany with Quiny and Quatro NIkolka and Teddy
CH. OZZY POM TOY Complete examination of Parker Beautiful pomeranian
Parker Parker is running Father and son
Parker fell into swimming pool Parker Shuger
Hanysek and Ursulka 2010 Parker is happy Eddy Pom Toy a SNOOPY
Parker Pom Toy - 11 weeks
Nancy Pom Toy Rasty Pom Toy - 10 years Gezitka Pom Toy - 11 years
Oh, apple Jump and is mine Another subscriber to the apple  
Franceska 12 years
visited us
Mrs. Bezdekova with Valerie Zolinka on the visit

Hana Brzobohatá,   294 02 Knezmost, Zantov 29
Czech republic
tel.: +420 731 518 046, +420 603 503 307

e-mail: brzobohatahana@gmail.com


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