Welcome to my kennel where the Pomeranians have been bred since 1989.


       This year, I imported the first red brood female Allesa de la Colline Rouge and an older female Ricarda Piccolinis from Germany from my friend and breeder Angelika Kamm, who is sadly no longer with us and who introduced me to the breeding of this beautiful breed of Pomeranians, well-known and yet unknown in the Czech Republic.

I did my first foreign mating with Mrs Kamm and her dog Emadal Home Pride, who was imported from Canada. Two red puppies Flip and Fanny were born. Another imported dog was the typically wolf-sable coloured Erold de la Colline Rouge and Ivanhoe vom Ahnepark in orange sable, with a beautiful typical Pomeranian head, an ideal soft yet thick undercoat, an excellent character typical for this breed and ancestors from the USA. This dog differed from the German Spitz and still won the title of European Champion in Germany. At our exhibitions in the 1990's, he was not appreciated for his different features. This dog was so genetically strong that he transferred his best qualities also to average female dogs.

From Slovakia, I imported Barbara Modrý Asyr from the breeder Miro Lamoš, who imported a couple of beautiful Pomeranians from the Soffies kennel. This dog was a descendant of these parents. In exchange, I got another breeding dog from Mr Černohorský and it was a beautiful creamy Pomeranian Na Zyczenie Kontrapunkt and the youngest breeding orange dog Quima Lví domov, the son of the Canadian and Finnish champion Foxworth Front Runner, called "Bailey". These dogs and bitches are the founders and continuers of my breeding. I am happy to introduce them to you in a small photo gallery.

My breeding is focused primarily on likability (emphasis is placed primarily on beautiful heads), the typical coat, the nature of the Pomeranian and their health. Since the breeding of Pomeranians at renowned kennels in the USA and Western Europe is once again a step further, I imported from the Soffies kennel SOFFIES SNOOP DOG, the son of the winner of Cruft's exhibition 2OO6 FINCHS ovations FOR ME, called NO NAME. From another renowned kennel JAN SHAR´S, I brought an orange dog JS ONE MAN SHOW and two females, an orange JS COME FLY WITH ME "GOLDY" and a female black and tan JS MAKE MINE MINE MINK "SHUGER", then a male and female from the CHAR´S kennel and the last female from the BI-MAR kennel. All dogs and bitches are distinguished by a strong skeleton, a beautiful head and a character that is typical for refined American-type Pomeranians.


Breeding is one of the most interesting and exciting yet very difficult hobbies. You work with living beings and you never know in advance if the copulation will be successful. You wait for at least a year to find out whether your bred " dream" turns out as you wished. However, you are over the moon when your litters resemble your "dreams" (foreign top litters) and when they are positively evaluated not only by the referees at exhibitions (which is always uncertain, because thanks to one standard you never know whether the referees will lean towards the type of classic unmodified German Spitz or a modified compact Pomeranian), but above all by the spectators because their opinions are what matters to me the most. Among them may be a future admirer of this beautiful breed and a future owner interested in a puppy. And this is the most prevalent motivational goal of every good breeder. Breeding is not only time-consuming but also challenging financially. But it is worth it because when the Pomeranian looks the way it is supposed to look, it is one of the most beautiful breeds in the world. I profess my lifelong love for this breed. Breeding belongs to the never-ending "work of art" and I will do my best to achieve the image of my dreams.


From 01.01.2016 I became a member of APC- American Kennel Club